Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The One Condos at Bloor Street West and Yonge Street in Toronto

The media makes it sound like the pre-construction condos have reached their bubble and they try to scare people from investing in or buying a pre-construction condo for themselves.

The truth is that with increasing number of construction cranes sprouting everywhere in the GTA especially in downtown Toronto. It makes easy to comprehend that developers would have done their homework, due diligence and market research before planning to build tens of millions of dollars worth of buildings and condominiums. That being said, the average investor/consumer should not be deterred by the hype that is created through the media.

I have been a platinum broker specializing in pre-construction condo projects in Toronto for 10 years and I now have the privilege of promoting one of the sought after condo projects in downtown Toronto at the iconic location of Yonge Street & Bloor Street.

The One condos projects at Bloor West has a brilliant structural design and suited for professionals, families and students alike.

The One condominium not only the ideal location but it is also a location that will give you bragging rights when you own a condominium in there. Register now by clicking on this link to receive a platinum treatment offered by me.

You can also contact me directly at  416-417-2400

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