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5 Musts to Consider When Hiring a Toronto Cleaning Service | Part 1

Toronto Condos VIP Spring Cleaning Condo Guide Part 1
When the birds start chirping and the days start getting longer we know that spring is quickly approaching, and what better way to welcome it than with a thorough cleaning!  
There are many spring cleaning services offered to Toronto condo owners to help alleviate the daunting tasks that most people keep on putting off until it eventually gets forgotten about. 

When clients ask for recommendations for a cleaning service I find it hard – as everyone has different standards of clean – and finding a reliable and exceptional condo cleaning service in Toronto is quite difficult.  Instead I’ve compiled a list of things that you need to consider when hiring a spring cleaning service for your condo.

1)     Cost per hour – The going rate nowadays is around $25/h/cleaner and generally there is a minimum amount of time that needs to be fulfilled (generally 3hours).  What you need to be careful about is HOW MANY cleaners they are going to bring into your condo.  If you live in less than an 800sq foot condo – anything over $100 is too much.  Make sure you understand what you are signing up for prior to accepting all terms.

2)     Insured – Making sure that the condo cleaning service is insured, is a must.  It is important that you protect yourself in case of any accidents, or mishaps that could happen.  Never hire a cleaning service or a maid service that is not insured. 
3)     Referrals – Ideally someone will refer you to a decent cleaning service – however that is not always the case.  Ask around your condominium, to see if anyone has someone that they would vouch for.  If you can’t find anyone – and just find a cleaning service online – ask them for referrals – they should be more than happy to give them to you.

4)     Equipment – Some cleaning services use their own equipment and supplies – others request that you provide the equipment and supplies.  I would recommend that it’s in your best interest and your condo’s best interest to use your own supplies and equipment to prevent any mishaps.

5)     Checklist – Having a checklist for the cleaning service guarantees that the cleaning service cleans what you want them to clean.  Specific areas take longer to clean so make sure that the checklist is in order of importance.  Start with the areas that you think need the most work and work your way down.

Spring cleaning a condo is never fun – but it is necessary.  Take these tips into consideration when you are hiring a Toronto cleaning service, either for spring cleaning or for regular upkeep cleaning, and be assured that your condo will be cleaned to your standards.--------------------------------------------------------Sherry Dabir’s Blogs on all that you need to know about Real Estate and moreTel # 416 417 2400

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