Saturday, 6 June 2015

Condo Living in Toronto -Part 2

Condo Amenities 
Condo living in Toronto has many benefits, and options to choose from.  There are new condo developments in downtown Toronto that offer many exciting bonus’ that older Toronto condominiums do not.  Before looking for Toronto condominiums for sale, you need to determine what amenities you want, need, and are deal breakers if you don’t have.
Having had friends who live in condos and having lived in a condo myself, amenities are a seemingly great thing.  However in reality, most people rarely use them.  Exercise facilities, barbeques, movie theaters, pools, yoga studios, and rooftop extras are awesome (when you know you have access to them).  But life is busy, and sometimes time just doesn’t allow for full use of such amenities.
Another trend in new condo developments in Toronto is quite the opposite.  Not offering any amenities and just the “bare bones” is increasing in popularity, especially in the industrial style type condos.  This is attractive to those wishing to buy a condo in Toronto, as monthly fees are significantly lower than if you had all of the bells and whistles at your disposal. 
In pre-construction condos in Toronto you can find some that offer all, none or just a few.  It’s really up to you and your budget and preferences.  Always consider the value in a few years, and whether it will go up or down if you have or don’t have certain amenities. 
If you have any questions about condo amenities, I would be happy to go through them with you, and help you make an informed decision on what is best when buying a condo in Toronto. 
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