Saturday, 20 June 2015

How to Get Rid off Condo Clutter!

Living in a condo doesn’t really give you much room to hide away all of your “stuff” that you just can’t part with.  And it builds up and up and up and UP until you realize that it’d become clutter and a decluttering is needed.
I always try to help clients with storage solutions as this is always a major concern for many.  Using bins and under the bed organizers help keep the clutter at bay and out of sight.  But if you’ve exhausted all of your hiding spots and still have clutter kicking around follow these few steps to help you get on track.
1)     If you haven’t worn it for a year get rid of it! – This goes for all seasons – if you have clothing that you haven’t worn for over a year as a general rule you should pitch it.  Of course there are some exceptions – but if you stick to this rule your closets will be lean and trim.
2)     Knickknacks have to go! – Gone are the days when having shelves upon shelves of knickknacks was cool – the trend now is less is best.  Of course displaying a few interesting pieces is always acceptable, rocks from the 67 countries you visited 20 years ago is just a dust collector and clutter.
3)     Clear those counter tops! – Stacks of papers, bills, and cards are always conveniently left on counter tops or on top of different appliances.  I am not entirely sure why, or why the stacks continue to grow as well – but this is one of the major culprits for clutter.  Organize your papers, bills, and cards as you receive them in some type of filing system that is neat and tidy. 
4)     Straighten those books! – Disorganized bookshelves are a breeding ground for clutter – in them various things can be found that don’t really belong there.  Start by organizing your books, pitching any books that you’ve outgrown.  Or likely will never read again.  Book collections are great – and you can have a million e-books in just one device, instead of a cluttered bookshelf.
5)     Reorganize your furniture – There are many ways that the set up of your home creates a cluttered feeling.  If you live in a condo – not overdoing it with furniture is very important, or the cramped no space feeling starts to sink in.  Try reorganizing your furniture to optimize space and reduce the cluttered feeling.
There are many professional organizers out there that offer help to those searching for storage solutions.  Toronto Condos are getting smaller and smaller and the necessity for organizing becoming increasingly important.  This is also proven true in new condo developments that are incorporating different storage solutions into the unit itself.  It takes time and energy, but once you’ve decluttered your home – there will be significant improvements in your life as well.
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