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How to Find a Good Real Estate Agent? | Buying a Condo

Finding a good real estate agent is sometimes a little difficult.  Some agents come up in searches and give off the image of them being really amazing – but in reality they unfortunately are not.  I’ve compiled a short list for you to follow when searching around for a good real estate agent to ensure that you get the very best and are not left disappointed or jaded with the experience.
#1 – Open Houses
A great way to find a good real estate agent is through Open Houses.  At open houses, agents need to show everyone their best – and technically they should be in their element.  You are able to see the agent’s physical presentation, and deals with people and questions.  You can see how they show the property – if they give you any suggestions, or hints, or even after listening to what you want maybe suggest other options.  Also by scouting out a good real estate agent at a similar place that you are looking for would be a good way to know if they are familiar with they type of housing that you are looking for.  Pre Construction real estate agents are very different from historical home real estate agents. 
#2 – Online Search
Agents that do not have an online presence are likely not the agents that you should be dealing with.  Doing a quick reference search and reviews of other buyer’s previous experiences with the real estate agent (if you cannot get a direct referral) is something that you should do after you meet them and get a good vibe from them.  It is true that you cannot satisfy everyone, but general reviews should be helpful in helping you make your decision on selecting an agent.  Also with an online search you can see how active your real estate agent is, and what kind of, and how many properties they dealing with. 
#3 – Knowledgeable about just about EVERYTHING
A good real estate agent should know their stuff inside and out.  They should be able to anticipate what questions you will be asking (if you have a family – something about schools or security, if you are a young couple – something about the entertainment in the neighbourhood etc…).  They should also be able to answer all of your questions about the specific type of property that you are looking to purchase.  With Pre Construction condos there are many questions, about amenities, warranties, move in dates, customizations, increase in value, and general community development plans.  A great real estate agent should know all of these answers, and offer suggestions, and options as well.
#4 – Dedication to YOU
It is important that the real estate agent that you select is working for YOU.  How long is their response time?  Do they find properties that work for you, and your needs?  Do they maintain positive when things “hit the wall”?  This is very important because finding a place to live is not an easy task and you need to have a dedicated real estate agent that will be there for you when the going gets tough, and that will stay with you if things get messy.
#5 – Contacts Connections and Networks
A good real estate agent will have numerous contacts and connections in all areas related to real estate.  Lawyers, mortgage brokers, decorators, etc – all of these trusted contacts and networks are important when selecting a good real estate agent.  Also based on the quality of their network you can tell what kind of person the real estate agent is.  It is also helpful for you to get referrals, and have part of the search already completed for you.
These are just some of the most important aspects to consider when searching for a good real estate agent.  Remember that the agent should be working for you and not against you.  And if you are looking for a pre construction condo in Toronto let me show you how I can help, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed.
Happy Hunting!
Sherry Dabir is a real estate broker with HomeLife, and specializes in Pre Construction Condos within the GTA.  She is currently ranked in the top 5% in Canada and has exclusive VIP access to and experience with Pre Construction Condo projects.  Contact her today to learn more.
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