Saturday, 6 June 2015

Condo Living in Toronto -Part 1

Location! Location! Location! 

There are many condos available in Toronto.  Condos for rent in Toronto, Condos to buy in Toronto, new condo projects in Toronto, and the list goes on and on. 
Deciding what option is best for you is sometimes a difficult option.  There are many variables that you need to think about before renting or purchasing a condo that will help you decide what type of condo you should get.
First and foremost you need to think about the things that are a MUST for you – do you need a balcony or a terrace? Is the outside window view important to you? How many floors do you want your condo to be? And how many floors up do you want to be?  Are extra amenities important to you?  What style of condo are you looking for?  And of course – location, location, location!
Luckily there are new condo developments in Toronto popping up all over the place.  If you like the heart of the city, the east end, west end, north or south, there are existing, fairly new and pre construction condos on the market right now.  Each area of the city has something wonderful to offer, so narrowing it down is sometimes difficult.
Waterfront condos are gaining in popularity – they are just the right distance away from the “heart of the city” to provide some R&R.  While most of these condos are 10+ years old, many of them have been renovated and modernized and have the same look and feel to the brand new condo projects in Toronto.
Looking up to the north end of the city, towards North York and beyond – there are new and old condo developments and projects available.  While, North York condos are fairly far from the downtown core, they still offer affordable living in a lovely area of the city. 
The west end of the city is also experiencing a surge in new condo developments.  The area and neighborhood itself is increasing in popularity, especially with the younger first time condo buyer population.  Queen West has a lot to offer, with restaurants and entertainment, and also being a suitable area to raise a family. 
On the other side of the city in the east end, some formerly “sketchy” areas are now being converted into beautiful new condo developments in Toronto, with greenbelt space, and a lot of local charm, and history. 

Wherever you see yourself ending up, location is very important.  Take into consideration where you are currently living, and what some of the benefits are that you enjoy, and I guarantee that you’ll be able to find those and more in any new condo development that you find in Toronto.
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